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“Working with Serenity is a pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise in so many areas along with her pleasant personality make the complicated work of publishing simple. Serenity gives great flexibility, patience and care to each project. As an author I have found her to be completely trustworthy and reliable in her commitment to keeping true to style and intention of the writer.

“I highly recommend her publishing agency to authors having personally found Dome Tree’s efficiency, competency and integrity in all areas of the publishing process.”

Reverend Yvonne Prentice


Write your story. Let the creative thoughts flow and get the story on paper (well, into your computer). Don’t worry about whether the wording is perfect. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. At first, it is all about the story.
Now, walk away from the story to allow yourself to read with fresh eyes. When ready, go through and clean up the story. Make sure you have used the right word to express the feeling or mood you intended. Ensure things are in the right order and there are no gaps or weak transitions.

Now you are ready to eliminate the passive voice. Ya, grammar school was a long time ago. This isn’t so hard as the English professors would have you believe. You can eliminate the word had (He had thought becomes He thought). Also look for the word was (She was running becomes She ran). Those two alone will make a big difference to turn your story into a powerful and engaging story.

Serif fonts (those with little ticks at the ends of the letters) are easier to read and used for the text of books. Many have unusual letter shapes for one or more characters which make it distracting for the reader. Some fonts are condensed and squashed together that can make it more difficult to read. Others are far less condensed but use up more pages if you plan to print. We can provide some guidance in making good typeface decisions.
Images, illustrations, and chapter glyphs all add interest to a book. Fictional books benefit greatly from a repeated small graphic displayed at the start of each chapter. Think about something that could act as a symbol or a flourish to display under or over the chapter title. Also, you will want to have an About The Author page and to include a good-looking photo of yourself. We can help with suggestions, design and development of both images and illustrations.
You can have the best, most interesting and engaging book in the world, but if readers don’t choose to buy it, your story will never be read. Do some research by looking at the covers of the top selling books in your genre. This will give you a good idea of colour, imagery and layout. Also, unless you are Stephen King or JK Rowling, your book title should be bigger than your name. After all, if you are not famous, it will be the title and the cover that sells your book We can help design and develop covers for both ebooks and print books.

J.E.B. Spredemann

“Readers are the glue that binds the books together.”

Anne Rice

“To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself.”

A.K. Kuykendall

“The word ‘NO’ is the best motivation there is for the storyteller in you.”

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