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Publishing Services

Interior file prep:
for ebook (both ePub and alternatives)
for print (to specs of the printer)

Image prep:
RBG colour for ebook
Grayscale high res for print

Cover design/file prep:
ebook cover
print book cover

Promo material:
3D and mobile versions of book
social media promo images

Coaching Services

Are you new to self publishing and feeling overwhelmed?

I specialize in working with new authors, providing plenty of support to navigate the maze.

  • ISBNs
  • Copyrights
  • Front and back matter
  • Retailer options
  • Ebook, kindle, mobi, ePub or Word?
  • Local printers
  • High resolution images
  • Handling tables, charts in ePubs
  • Footnotes or end notes
  • Setting up your online accounts
  • Distribution options
  • Pricing
mobile and books

Professional Polish

Looking for your book to stand out among the countless self published books out there?

There are a number of special touches to enhance the professional appearance of your book.

  • Running headers
  • Chapter glyphs
  • Display fonts for headings
  • Text font selection for readability
  • Linespacing and paragraph spacing
  • Balancing white space
  • Cascading headings
  • Block versus indented paragraphs


Having chaired a college graphic design diploma program, I offer extensive experience in effective communication digitally and in print.

I have a passion for typography and create and sell fonts. I love the subtle yet clear way each font has a personality that registers with readers. You can be confident I will choose fonts that work well together, express the heart of your manuscript, are readable and add beauty to your written work.

This leads to styling and layout. Because styling, not inline formatting is required to generate ePubs, I strip all inline formatting and replace with carefully crafted styles to set your above many self-published works.

Having published numerous books, I know all the common trip points and many unusual ones. It is a steep learning curve to figure it all out. If you are new to self-publishing or want to focus your time and effort on writing and promoting your spectacular book, let me take care of all design and file prep headaches for you.

mobile and books

What our clients say about us

I just want to say THANK YOU! I love what you have done with my book. The workbook “over the top” exceeding expectations. You are very gifted.

Thank you so much for all of your help. What a delight it has been to work with you.

—Sandy Phillips, [published two books and a workbook with DomeTree]

Working with Serenity is a pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise in so many areas along with her pleasant personality make the complicated work of publishing simple. Serenity gives great flexibility, patience and care to each project. As an author I have found her to be completely trustworthy and reliable in her commitment to keeping true to style and intention of the writer.

I highly recommend her publishing agency to authors having personally found Dome Tree’s efficiency, competency and integrity in all areas of the publishing process.

—Reverend Yvonne Prentice, [published six books and a workbook with DomeTree]

Wow, Serenity's in the right profession!


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A Look at Professional Typesetting

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