What is Indie Publishing

You have three choices when publishing a book. The traditional route, getting picked up by a publishing house, but there are lots of great authors who have discovered they can retain control of their book, and collect more of the royalties by getting into self-publishing.

Within self-publishing, there are a couple of options. There are publishers that offer various packages to get your book out to the world. One I looked at in Canada recently started at $1500 to get your book into Amazon as a paperback. From there it escalated quickly to $3000 to add in a Kindle/ebook option. The packages maxed at $10,000.

Finally, you can go independent, or what is known as indie publishing. Like a landowner looking to build a house and contracting out the work he or she doesn’t want to do, you can do the same with your book. Do the bits you like and have the skills to do, and contract out the rest.

Dome Tree provides support services for Indie Authors, those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on packages and need additional technical support and how-to advice. I can be a project manager, shepherding your book to publication. I can handle the technical bit of preparing your manuscript for publication or simply create a cover for you. I predominately work with Amazon (both CreateSpace and KDP, Smashwords, and IngramSpark), but I can generate the files required for printing at your local printer as well.

You can check out the typical terms of my contract here.


Not familiar with running heads, glyph and gutter? What’s the difference between a preface, an introduction, a prologue and a foreward? What goes into front matter and back matter of a book? Click the image to download a PDF file.

Information Sheets

Here is a bit of reading on various topics our clients often ask about. Click the image to download a PDF file.

Set Up Guides

Here are a few guides for some of the common Indie publishing activities. There are screenshots and step-by-step instructions. For my clients, I provide support over the phone if you get stuck.